Creative healing

Life on earth seems to be like a big mystery book where YOU are the heroe. The creative way invites you to meet the script-writer within and help him to overcome the wounds so that in the end you discover fate has vanished to leave only one destiny : where your heart sings with joy! At that time you will understand that YOU have the strenght to change the darkest atom from the darkest hell into light. 

My work aims at revealing your true self. Life test after life test you learn to meet your force and know yourself better. I help you to overcome any kind of problems : disease, mourn, burn-outs, relationship or post-trauma disorders... Some people consult me to remember lost memories from childhood or past lives, others come to break free from psycho-emotionnal patterns or phobias, others ask to learn universal esoteric knowlege or to receive enleightened advises.

I also do readings via web or phone calls.

● trans-dimensional transe (past lives, ancestors, astral projection, universal teachings)

● cleansing of limited beliefs, emotions and memories (repetitive patterns)

● developping your extra-sensorial abilities